Regret – when life hasn’t worked out how we hoped it would

This poor compassionate flow blog does not get much attention these days so I have re-posted this small piece I wrote for The Psyschology Space website, with a few little changes. I’ve been considering the notion of regret for decades now and David Whyte’s wonderful way with words inspired this post … For most of us … More Regret – when life hasn’t worked out how we hoped it would


On 1st June, 2015, The Psychology Space officially opened. The Psychology Space has transitioned out of and away from the franchise Life Resolutions Wollongong. After five years, the owner of the practice, Julie-Anne Geddes, decided Life Resolutions Australia was no longer adding value, and as the contract had come to a natural end it was … More Beginning

On Emerging Writing

Yesterday I spent the whole day in my pyjamas ensconced in a bubble of imagination. My novella, ‘River Mantra’, first draft written in 2009 has been complete for a few years. Irina Dunn assessed the manuscript some time ago and yesterday I read and re-read the assessment to obey her instructions. One thing Irina wanted … More On Emerging Writing


Patience is intentional isn’t it? Usually there is a purpose and intention behind our acts of patience. All power to you for every time you choose patience! Power in our lives can take so many forms. For all the poets, parents, artists, writers, therapists, musicians, dream seekers, gardeners, new year resolution makers and humans out … More Patience

Through Rest and Play I open my Creative Channel

While meditating recently, guided by Deepak Chopra – the mantra provided was:  ‘Through Rest and Play I open my Creative Channel’. These words vibrated within me and encouraged me to step more fully into the wisdom of this. Through Rest and Play I Open My Creative and Channel. For me, after play and rest I … More Through Rest and Play I open my Creative Channel

Acceptance – Not

We have just had winter solstice here in Australia. The fullest closest moon lit up the night sky and all the diamond rain drops. Do you ever feel oppressed by wanting more? Do you ever feel guilty for not just accepting what you have and being happy – even when you have read ‘The Happiness … More Acceptance – Not